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Funboards are generally full shaped and larger than short boards but smaller than longboards. A Funboard or Funshape is just that.  FUN!!    They have a full nose like a longboard but are easier to carry, to get on and off the car, to and from the beach, and getting out against incoming waves, etc. They offer stability and float in a smaller package than a longboard. Most people who own a funboard love it and never sell it. It works well in a huge range of surf conditions. They can be single fin, tri fin, quad, or two plus one. Funshapes or Funboards are under 9′ long and will suit most size surfers in just about any surf conditions. We have a full rack of them in every size and price!

Longboard surfboards

Longboard surfboards are traditional boards and should be over 9′ to be considered a longboard and not just a funboard. Most people have better success starting on a longboard. Lessons and rentals are generally with longboards. Larger riders or tiny waves, longboards cover a huge spectrum of surf and surfers. If you only surf a few times a year than a longboard is a great choice. If you are filled with classic vibes stretching to all the oceans, and want to soul arch or hang ten (or cheat 5) then grab an extra dark coffee and go longboarding. Its also a good choice for older or larger surfers. But dont let that fool you. plenty of small people including children of all ages, make good use of longboards.

Retro surfboards

Retro boards are fun to ride. They are a throw back to a different era. Generally single fins of various thickness and width. They can be just about any size or shape. Many fish shapes are considered “retro” The term retro refers to shapes of the past. Primarily pre-70s. Many shapers are able to reproduce the look and feel of these older shapes.


This sweet Vec performer is ideal to bring your surf to the next level! Reg price of $640… Now on sale for $445! A beautiful gem of a board!

Short boards generally refer to performance boards. Traditional pointy noses and squash tails, but often have round or swallow tails. They range from 6’8″ for a big guy down to 4’11” for the little grom. They can range in thickness and width and come with 3 or 4 fin set ups. So if you want to rip the lip off, bust an air, get tubed and leave your friends in the dust while they do another load of laundry… you may want to try a short board. Some are even moving to short boards that are wider and thicker. A perfect choice for most of New England conditions.

About Fish Surfboards

The term “fish” in surfing has been grossly over used

Traditional fish

  • short
  • thick
  • and stubby boards

They were pretty flat with only two fins and a deep swallow tail. But in recent times the swallow tail has been described as a fish tail.

Its not… it’s still a swallow tail.

“Fish boards!  Loose and playful yet fast and able!”

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