Snowboards 2020

Goggles and Helmets!

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We enjoy helping the riding community. We have been riding hard since 1986. Its what we do! We ride boards. We also tune them up! We will make your edges sharper and your base faster!!! $25.00 gets a hand tune and hot wax! We will inspect it fully. Your board will be ready for any conditions. We have new and used boards of all sizes, shapes, and flex!

Stop by and visit our wall of fame! It is legit! Many of the heaviest hitters in the world are there!

$25.00 gets you the fastest board you have owned! Sharp, Clean, ready!

Freestyle Snowboard

Freestyle boards include nearly all snowboards these days. V rocker, camber, twin tip, s-rocker, flying v, ez-v etc.

Freestyle and park boards usually refer to softer twin tip boards that lend themselves nicely to tricks of all sorts. Slightly tougher construction and sidewalls allow for more abuse in the freestyle arena. A great choice for the younger rider or those that are hard on their equipment.

All Mountain Snowboards

All mountain boards describe a huge spectrum of boards. Just about any board will ride the whole mountain. However, If launching in the park is not really your style, then an ALL mountain board would be a good choice. They tend to have a directional shape with a slightly stiffer tail. But dont let that fool you. They are still very capable when it comes to riding backwards or playing in the park! Be sure to check out our BURTON CARTEL BINDING SPECIAL, supercharge your experience!

Snowboard Tune Ups

We do the best HOT WAX in all of New England!!! No joke!!!

We will turn your board into a hovercraft on the snow! We use award winning wax formulas for all conditions! It will be the best $25.00 you have ever spent on your board!!!! Guaranteed to go faster then when your board was new!