Blank  DECKS for $30.00!!!!!

Pro Decks for $50.00 

 “At Xtremely Board we cover all the ground when it comes to skateboards! Cruisers, street, or longboards.

CARVER  Skateboards are what the surfers like. Turn your street into a wave! The carver patented C7 front truck allows carver boards to surf sidewalks. Nothing is better for pumping through neighbor hoods and slashing driveway lips. Come in and demo one of these amazing skateboards and step up your surf and skate game today.

Street decks, park, pool, etc. These are what the pros ride. Graphics change twice a week, so check them out in person. We can get you into the best size and shape for your ability and desire. Doesn’t matter if your just learning or a local ripper. Xtremely Board also beats most others prices (including ON-LINE!)  Blanks are $35.00 including grip. Pro decks are $40-$50 and Star Wars decks are $55!


Carver Skateboards