We offer a lower price and a better product, with exceptional service! All the boards we have chosen have excellent glide to paddle ratio. That means, they are not just beautiful, but they work well too!!!! Free Paddles and leashes with all models. 

Here is why  Stand Up Paddle Boarding can be better than kayaking for many people!  …….You can get back on your SUP if you fall over or go into the water, You can sit up! You can KNEEL!  lay down! stand! see further!  see into the water better!  move faster! Change muscle use! etc.

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We rent the best quality boards. Light weight and the best size and shape paddle board for every ability! Get out on the water today!

$15.00/ hr
$50.00 for a half day (4 hrs)
$75.00 for a full day (6 hrs)
$100.00 take it overnight! Enjoy the morning paddle! BEST VALUE!

BEST PRICES AND SERVICE ANYPLACE!!!  Its a big investment! Do your homework! Bring us your price and description of product. Chances are very good that we can beat all the other prices and AND quite possibly get you the same or better product!


The fastest growing water sport for the past 3 years! Its on! Its not going away. Its healthy and fun! Any size person, any age person, any body of water! River, Lake, Ocean, Stream, Pond, Flat water, White water, Open water. The time to own is now! Rent one or take a lesson.  Fall in love with this amazing sport.


Not sure about SUP? Let us help you. We will provide the gear and make it fun as well. After about an hour, you should have a good handle on this amazing sport. Contact us for more information!

SUP Boards

The boards chosen by XB have been chosen due to their efficient glide to paddle ratio. Be careful about buying something that sounds like a good deal, but does not paddle well. Come in and talk to us. We also do amazing tours!!!!!

So grab a friend and lets cover some water! Pick a harbor! Padanaram, Mattapoisett, Westport, Etc. We know where the best spots for SUP are! No matter the wind or tide, we can get you to GOOD water!